Our Mission

Mentally . Physically . Personally
"When you become part of GoBriteKids, you're joining a "youth-led" movement committed to ending the epidemic of child malnutrition - one kid at a time - so every child can live healthy and achieve their full potential."
Nancy Leville, Founder & Executive Director 

The Urgency

Note: The school version of this video will NOT have any mention of God or faith

6 out of 7 kids are starving for the nutrients they need.

2015 Phytonutrient Study

"Due to their eating behavior, this generation of children will be the first in our history NOT to live as long as their parents."

Kenneth Carbona, Former US Surgeon General 

How We're Saving a Generation

The Truth

70% of starving kids live in homes that can afford the healthy foods they need - it's just not happening.  With your help, we can change all of that.

We nourish all kids through our... 


Nutrition Program

The Truth

22% of starving kids live in homes that simply can't afford the healthy foods their kids need.  With your help, we can change all of that.

We Provide 

Nourishing Foods

to Families in Need.

Every $1.00 donation provides up to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables for a hungry child.

We nourish kids through our... 

Our Goal: Happier... Healthier... "BRITER" Kids

Nutrition Program

Through our SGK Bible Study and Daily Devotionals.

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