It's Called

"Hidden Hunger"

America's Growing Malnutrition Epidemic

"Even people in the wealthiest countries aren’t getting enough nutrients," write Barbara Bush, daughter of former US president George W Bush, president of DSM North America. "Some 85% of America's kids lack essential phytonutrients.

Hidden Hunger is a lack of vitamins and minerals. Hidden hunger occurs when the quality of food people kids eat does not meet their nutrient requirements, so the food is deficient in phytonutrients and micronutrients such as the vitamins and minerals that they need for development.

World Health Organization

How We're Being Fed

62% of Our Diet

are Addictive Processed Foods


While Only 10% are Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

As a Result...

1 in 3 kids are Overweight or Obese. (CDC)

54% of Kids Suffer from a Chronic Condition


1 in 5 Have a Mental Disorder like ADHD.

80% go undiagnosed

American Psychiatric Association

23% of Kids 12-18 have Prediabetes or Worse

It's predicted they'll live 14 fewer years. (Pediatric Association)

"This is the unhealthiest generation of kids in America's history." Pediatric Association of America

The Cause

America's Kids Are Overfed Yet Undernourished

"83% of America's kids are starving for the phytonutrients they need to live healthy."  (2015 Phytonutrient Report)

"The average child would have to double their intake of micronutrients just to get the minimum daily requirement." (USDA)


Researchers at the University of Michigan have made a bold statement: All the pizza or ice cream cravings that keep coming back despite your feelings of guilt and depression might be a sign that you have a food addiction. And that food addiction isn't something to laugh about ; it's a real disease that is just as bad as drug addiction or alcoholism.

They found that highly processed foods were more likely to have the same effect on the brain as hard drugs, compared to non-processed foods like wheat, fish, and other “boring” and “healthy” foods.

By the time a child is Two, French Fries are the #1 Consumed Vegetable. (CDC)

The Only Cure...

Loving Parents and GoBrite 

Nourishing Foods 


"Over the past decade, a wealth of scientific validation has emerged to support the role of diverse phytonutrients as a frontline defense against a host of diet-related chronic conditions, from heart disease to cancer.  Phytonutrients are the future of medicine."  

Jennifer Toews, MD (USDA)

Modern science has finally identified the specific elements in fruits and vegetables that make them so healthy- God's phytonutrients.  The Save God's Kids solution is dedicated to educating families on the power of these brite colorful foods and nutrients.

GoBrite for Life

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