Our Youth Team

Executive Team

Nancy Leville

Executive Director

Michelle Leville


Scientific Board

Ward Bond, PhD.
Director of Nutrition Sciences

Executive Advisors 


The company has called on a team of passionate business professionals to assist in it's management.

Neil Neimark MD: (Health)

Ward Bond, PhD: (Nutrition Sciences)

Charles Nardi: (Technology) CEO Zudy's, Inc.


David Wagner: (Development) CEO strongerCatholic, LLC


Josh Henry: (Programming) CEO Simplify Church, LLC

Melissa Rau: (Youth Strategy) Lead Consultant Ministry Architects


Colette LeBrun: (Finance) Director, Senior Investment Consultant MPC Capital Advisors

Susan Peters: (Public Relations) Director Ketchum Communications

Board of Directors

Nancy A. Leville: Chairman and Executive Director of Global Children's Wellness, Inc., Board of Advisors One World Literacy Foundation

Jose Nino: Founder and President of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. National Executive Board of The Boy Scouts of America

Colette LeBrun: Director, Senior Investment Consultant MPC Capital Advisors

Patrick K. Fay: CFO National Payment Group

Melissa Rau: Lead Consultant Ministry Architects

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