We're a youth-driven movement to end the epidemic of child malnutrition so every kid can live healthy and fulfill their true potential.

Here's How

Who Are We?


We're not just a bunch of passionate kids committed to doing something about the child malnutrition crisis in America. 


We're also a team of educators, physicians, nutrition experts, healthcare professionals, teachers and loving parents all working together to end Hidden Hunger.

Content Expertise

Our editorial team is made up of experienced and accredited Registered Dieticians who are specialists in the area of health through nutrition. In addition to having many years of expertise, they stay up to date on the latest nutritional news and research by reviewing thousands of studies filed with the National Institute of Health. 


Relevance and Credibility

Our content is medically reviewed by physicians, PhD's and registered dietitians.

The GoBrite Kids Difference


GoBrite Kids is a very unique non-profit in that our nutrition programs literally serve 83% of kids living in America today. 

Our GoBrite Nutrition Solution will help nourish the 70% of kids who live in household who have the recourses to eat healthy, but are not, while our "BriteBox" Program will help bring healthy food and education to families who are struggling to provide for their children. 

This is our mission, and we clearly can't do it without you.

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